Application form 

Before you begin, it’s important you know what this actually is. This is not, in fact, an application. It is the parol board - assessing if you are ready to come out of prison. 

It is the way in which we determine whether you want, and are, the best.

Because that is the only kind of person we work with.

Not everyone who answers this questionnaire will be invited to speak to or work with us. We are picky. We are hard to please. If you are not one of the best or earnestly aspiring to be the best, and don’t want the best, there are many options for you to get to your next level, but we are not it. I suggest you treat this like you would an application to Harvard. Or Cambridge. Or Hogwart’s.

Once we review your application, we’ll be in touch to let you know the next steps. If you are not invited to a call with someone on our team, we will let you know what we think the next best step is for you.

If you are invited to a call, understand that this will be us interviewing you. Not the other way around.

Get ready for the most provocative, challenging, confronting conversation of your life. And, if at the end of that conversation, we invite you into one of our containers, we will be taking payment on the call.

That means call your bank, your credit card company, your broker, whatever you have to do and whomever you have to inform so that payment can be processed without interruption.

And then, be ready to…

What are we saying? There's no preparing for what lies ahead.

Questions below.

Answers—and a radically and completely changed life—ahead.
See you on the inside.


The Annette Ferguson Team