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I am calling you out…

I CAN’T be the success I want to be right now…because

– I have no TIME, I’m looking after children/parents/dogs and have no time to dedicate to my business

The fact that you are on Facebook reading this means you have MUCH more time available than you think you do. And do you watch telly? Cause if you do you are making a CHOICE about how you spend your time – your CHOICE is that you’d rather watch TV or clean your house, than have the business success you say you want – and that’s ok – just know it’s YOUR CHOICE.

– I have no MONEY to grow my business.

First off – who said you NEED money to grow a business? What you NEED is to speak the unfiltered truth to your soul level clients – you do NOT need bucket loads of cash. And if you are not speaking your unfiltered truth to EVERYONE ALWAYS – then that is your CHOICE to not get more clients and grow.
And anyway – even if you are one of the VERY few that does need cash to actually grow…it’s all around you – investors, banks, crowdfunding – have you actually put together a solid proposition so that you can get money? No? Then that’s your CHOICE to be without it.

– I am very hopeful that we will grow

HOPEFUL – business success is not build on HOPE…it is build on ACTION – if you are not willing to take ACTION then it is your CHOICE to not have the success you say you want.

EVERYTHING is about CHOICE. There are no victims – you CHOOSE how successful you are. But don’t go telling yourself there are a tonne of reasons that you can’t have what you say you want right now because that is you LYING to yourself – you can – you just have to CHOOSE what is the most important to you.

If you want financial freedom you have to be willing to take ACTION and do the things that people with financial freedom do. And one of those things is being aware of, and making, conscious CHOICES.

What choices are you going to make today?