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[Interview] #013 Ann Wright

All the world’s a stage and today Annette is talking to someone who can show us how to make sure we come across favorably.  Ann Wright from Rough House Ltd is talking about public relations and how we need it in our business whether we are large or small.

In her 20+ years of experience Ann has realized how important good PR is.  How it can help a business whether the storms that come against it if they have been able to establish a positive history.

And Ann talks about how third party endorsement gained from good PR is fantastic for the reputation and how it has a halo effect.

She also provides some great tips for doing your videos such as keep the camera still and let the motion flow to the camera versus moving the camera all around.

And she is providing a guide to producing smart video for all of the listeners so be sure to catch this episode of Annette in Audio.