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This week Annette plays host to Katya Varbanova, better know as Live Stream Katya.  In 2015 Katya was enjoying her corporate career but wasn’t feeling like her leadership skills were being used fully.  


She started dabbling in live streaming and got to a point where she knew she needed to monetize it or do something else.  In three months she was making as much via live streaming as she was in her banking job so she took the plunge and quit her corporate job to do live streaming full time. And as they say the rest is history.


She overcame her fear of judgement to help people become live streaming experts.  Her best advice is that if you want to do something make sure you have someone to hold you accountable. “You become who you hang around with” says Katya.


One of the most common excuses for not live streaming is coming up with something to talk about.  But Katya has developed a formula to help people overcome this obstacle and is sharing it with us here.


She can be found on Twitter, Instagram, Periscope and most social media platforms by her handle @livestreamkatya


She has a free Facebook group that is located at:


And you can find her formula for creating content at:


Her website is: