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Annette welcomes Yvonne Halling to the podcast this week to tell how she started her business.  For Yvonne, learning from failure was the key to building a successful business.


She tells how she started her online business by selling champagne and how that failed.  She shares how several more businesses failed and how when she lost everything she was able to dig herself out and build a successful business.


Yvonne provides us with the three keys to building a successful business:

*have a way to get customers

*have a way for them to buy more

*have a way to bring them back


If you’re fortunate enough to be hearing this prior to 17 August, 2017 you will be able to get in on the free training she is providing.  Here is the link to her website:


And here are Yvonne’s other links… (coaching and mentoring for B&Bs, guest houses, inns and small hotels worldwide (intimate retreats for women in luxurious locations) (Facebook Page) (Facebook Page) (LinkedIn) (Twitter) (YouTube)