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A few tips to better conduct yourself on social media for your business and its brand


People don’t say it, but social media is dastardly in the way that it compels you to bare more than you should.


And we just let it.


And we’re okay with it.


Now that can be okay when you’re nineteen and moaning on Twitter about mundane things. Like how you think the barista at your local Starbucks is misspelling your name on your drink on purpose.


But if you’re a business owner and you’re trying to establish and uphold a brand, then life and social media-ing become even more complicated.


But does it need to be?


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Desi – Brand Strategist

Recently our own Annette Ferguson had a chat with Award-winning brand strategist and  Founder CEO of Dobreva Consulting, Desi Dobreva. And in picking her brain about branding, they stumbled upon the subject, and this is what she advises.


Here are four handy things to keep in mind for you and your brand on social media

1st Tip: Maybe don’t share those cat videos (No matter how cute they are)


Facebook is a cesspool of memes, cat videos and discussions that the point of discussing bares no fruit.


And although they seem harmless, it’s important to weigh in on the pros and cons. What will interacting with contents like these do to your brand and the authority you’re trying to build?


For example, As Desi puts it, “When you discuss political things and religious things and cat videos on facebook people will think “Wow. This person has [a lot of] time to look at cat videos and argue with people about president trump. When does this person have the time to actually run a business and care about their client?”


And yes, that’s probably harsh. And yes, you probably shared that for no rhyme or reason, but you did in your well-deserved off time, and that’s fine. But we can’t help what people think, so it’s best if we not give them a reason to doubt you.


I know that’s a bummer because cat videos are amazing. But, hey, just take comfort in the fact that if your audience were meant to see the video where the cat is trying to pet the bird, they’d probably see it regardless. (If not, here it is)


2nd Tip: Personality is essential in a brand. But remember, always to keep it professional

You can let your personality shine through in the activity of your social media, sure, but never take the platform for granted and use it to your advantage.


Desi explains, “…If you’re a business owner […], your personal profile isn’t a place where you should post your hobbies 24/7.


You should still do that because plays into your personal brand and it gets them to get attached to you. But you should focus it on networking. [And] on building an emotional connection and on building authority.”


So share stories—share personal stories,—share your life and core values. Give your audience material that they can connect to and will make them feel like you’re sharing a lot of value to them. All of this will help massively in building their trust and eventually, your authority.


3rd Tip: Remember the margin for error when it comes to reputation is small


As Warren Buffett so scarily put it, “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.”


Desi explains further, “Every time you’re about to join in an argument or publish something—

Every single post you publish—sit back and ask yourself, “Does this build my authority? Does this place me in a way that people want to work with me? Or does this actually tarnish my authority and will make people think “The he[ck] was he doing?”


So it’s best not even to risk doing something to leave a bad or wrong impression on your audience because unfortunately, those are the ones that stick with people the longest. So you have to be mindful of that, always with what you post, tweet, comment, etc.

4th and Bonus Tip: Don’t give in to the trolls


According to Desi, This is the worst thing you can do for your brand.


She explains, “If someone attacks you online and you respond by defending yourself and showing proof of how good you are or sharing testimonials— don’t do it. Because your audience already knows you’re good.”


So even if they’re out of line, and no matter how much you want to bash their face in, keep scrolling. Ignore them. Block them.


Or if you can’t, you can always be funny about it— but only if your brand personality aligns with that.


If you’re confused as to how on earth do you do that, here is a prime example of it, brought to you by Wendy’s. (We’re not sponsored by Wendy’s. And a disclaimer, this is mean so probably don’t do this. Just get the gist, laugh and go)


So don’t give in and don’t defend yourself, ever. Your work will do that for you. Think of it like this. Retaliating will only give those annoying trolls more power. And we wouldn’t want that now, do we?


There you go! You are now weaponized to better take on the beast of social media-ing with a business and a brand to build and keep.


If you like this and wanna know more, you can do so by clicking here for more of our content. And here to know more or get in contact with branding maven, Desi Dobreva.