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I’m Annette Ferguson

Chartered Accountant, Certified Profit First Professional, CEO of Annette & Co., Profit Mentor, Income Strategist, Mum of 2, Wife, Runner, Knitter

I became an entrepreneur in September 2009, the month after I got married.

I started my accounting firm.

But I didn’t actually plan on being an accountant...

I knew from a young age that I wanted to own a business and my thought process was that to run a great business it would be really important to understand accounting, numbers and finance (and I was good at maths at school) – so I decided that what I’d do was, go to University to study Accounting & Finance and then go on to do my Chartered Accountancy qualification – and that’s exactly what I did.

But a funny thing happened during my professional accounting training and qualification – I enjoyed it!!

I liked being a small business accountant!!

So after I qualified I went into banking and then the oil and gas industry – but ever time I moved roles I wasn’t that happy about what I was doing – at the back of my mind there was always the plan to set up my own business.

And in September 2009 I did exactly that.

I was so lucky that I had the unwavering support of my husband

And I still do to this day.

Over the last few years, my accounting business has grown.

I have employed staff.  

I have awesome clients.

But part of what I also love to do is work on growing clients businesses and helping them take home lots more money.

Which means I also introduced coaching/mentoring in the last few years as well as accounting services.

My family are my driving force.

I have 2 little ones who are my world (along with my husband of course!)

Everything I do in my business I do for them, for their future.

That is what get’s me to show up each and every day, authentically, helping my clients and striving to be the best version of me that I can be.