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Do you find that you are spending more time supporting the business that you have set up than it supporting you?


Are you working long hours but with little or no results?


If so, I know how hard this can be.


But did you know that it doesn’t have to be this way?


I used to think that it did too. Until my son was very ill in hospital and I had a big wake up call that I didn’t want to spend all my time thinking about work and being at work.


After all, I had set up the business for it to give me more time freedom, but instead, it was sucking me dry.


So at that moment, I decided to make the change and committed to creating a business that could support me.


Which is why I am so excited to be sharing my story on The Joy of Being Podcast which has been created by my friend and colleague Marina Pearson.


In this episode, I share my story of how I turned my business around and the exact steps I took and questions I asked for it to now very healthy financials and support me and my family.


If you want to stop hustling so hard and want to understand what you need to do for the business to really support you and give you the time freedom you want TUNE IN!


And if by the end of the show you are like “WOW that was amazing!” then please subscribe, leave a review and share with a friend!

Here is the episode: