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You might have been in business for a few years and feel like you are hitting your head against a glass ceiling when trying to get over that 6 figure hump. In my experience you have probably done at least one (if not all!) of these:

In my experience you have probably done at least one (if not all!) of these:

  1. Hired a coach – but not one that gives you concrete action plans, or if they did, for some reason you didn’t implement them (don’t worry I know why that is!)
  2. Purchased a tonne of courses (some which were super expensive for you)…all of which you were really excited to work on to start with…but the excitement (and the implementation) wore off after a while
  3. Tried to start a number of income streams to get up to that 6 figure level but that has left you feeling like to you are spread a little thin

And these things are not working because there are 2 things that you need to get you over that 6 figure hurdle.

Firstly – there is a mindset piece to do – it’s around showing up authentically all the time, everywhere, which is frightening to most people


Secondly – it’s around accountability and action taking


Here’s how we can work together to break 6 figures in your business…

I don’t do 1-2-1 programs for 6 figure breakthroughs…but I do have a few group program options for you:

If your next level is 6 figures then these posts are for you:

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