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You are running a business that is consistently hitting £10k a month – this was when you were supposed to be able to be making decent money right?

But it feels like you are still not able to take the money out the business that you want consistently…

It feels like you are on a hamster wheel…feeling like you just need one more client to make that income you want to take home…just one more…then….just one more…then just one more…

It feels like you are having to work more and more and the financial reward in your family’s pocket doesn’t increase.

Perhaps you are starting to resent your business? (I know I did when I was in where you are now)

So how can you get off that hamster wheel…

The answer is the Business Wealth Engine.


So who is the Business WEALTH Engine for?

 Online or service based business owners
 Entrepreneurs fed up of not taking the money home from their business that they feel they should be at this level
 Those people delivering awesomeness to their clients/customers



1) Weekly Zoom Calls with Me, Annette Ferguson

These are strategic sessions, where we move through all phases of the Business WEALTH engine (there are 6 stages, and we cover one per week).

2) Online videos and homework (!)

Some of the things that I will be showing you, I have put together in pre-recorded modules and homework, so that we can move through this process without confusion and efficiently. I don’t want to waste any of your precious time getting this stuff in place.

3) Unlimited access to me between our scheduled calls

As you are going through the process, if you have any questions, anything you are not sure of, or anything you’d like me or my team to review – you can just pop it over to us to do that, or ask the question – no problem at all – this is an intensive mentorship program with full access to me.

Our Next Start Date

Our next start date will be starting on 18th June – so if you want to have a chat and see if the Business Wealth Engine might be a good fit for you and your business then, you’ll need to click the button below and fill in the form…

Want some more info…

If 2018 is the year that you finally:

  • get a handle on your business cash flow
  • stop feeling like you are always running out of money in your business
  • take more home for you and your family to enjoy

…we need to talk.

I am looking for people who want to change their business finances story once and for all in 2018.

I completely get that you are not feeling in complete control when it comes to your businesses finances yet you understand the importance of it in terms of your business’s future success…so many other areas of your life are in control…but with the finances, you feel like you have a tiger by the tail…

  • You’re are still running your finances the way you did when you were earning £3k a month… 
  • You’ve had another bill drop in your lap they didn’t know about or plan for…
  • You know you need to hire a new person on your team so you can deliver at your highest level but it feels like there is no money to do it…

I want to introduce you to the Business Wealth Engine.  A system to ensure that you take more money out of your business for you and your family to enjoy, without compromising or inhibiting the growth of your business, and without you having to hustle more to grow your business faster.

It is designed to help you step through each stage of the process of moving your business to greater financial health which in turn leads to more in your bank account, and if you have debt to pay off, we cover off how to do that too.

If you are a fan of people like Mike Michalowicz, the author of Profit First, or David Ramsey, the author of Complete Money Makeover then I think you will really love the Business Wealth Engine.

The Business Wealth Engine is based on 17 years of working with entrepreneurs and business owners and more specifically on my learnings over the last 3 years which have been hyper-focused on helping clients make more profit and take home more money from their business.  It’s built on understanding what is going on in UK businesses and with UK online entrepreneurs specifically.

So how do you plug this into your business?

The Business Wealth Engine is an initial 6-week intense mentorship with me and my team.

It’s a 6 step process for helping you get your business financially healthy and ensure that you take more money home, because, after all, that’s why we are in business…to provide for ourselves and our family…maybe you can finally take that fancy holiday to Disneyland…

It works with what your version of success is…if you want to take home an additional £2k a month or £200k a month – that’s completely ok.

The whole process is designed to help move your businesses finances to a place that YOU are happy with.

This isn’t just a money thing…it’s about you living the life that you want to live…and money is an enabler to do that.

I truly want you to love your business…not resent the time and energy, the blood sweat and tears you put in…and get the financial reward that you deserve for running your business.

Here are the criteria for this next round of the Business Wealth Engine

  • Your business is generating MINIMUM £10k+ per month in sales
  • You have been in business for at least 2 years.
  • The service you provide makes a real impact and isn’t just a ‘cash cow’.
  • You feel like you are generating good sales income, but the money seems to just disappear each month and there is not enough left for you (and sometimes payroll is a struggle too)
  • You are EXCITED about being able to take lots more money out your business than you are at the moment 
  • You will be committed to getting the work done (I am looking for 100% success rate, and I won’t compromise on that).

Here’s the 6-week process I bring our entrepreneurs through:

I will support you 1-2-1 through implementing the system. Every week we’ll be working to get every step done.

This is a totally DONE WITH YOU program.

FIRST: I ensure we have a highly accurate financial picture of your business as it is now, financially. We need to know our starting point before we work out where we are going and how to get there.  If you need my team to clean up your books to do that, we will.  If you want to have your bookkeeper or accountant involved in calls at this stage, that is completely ok.

SECOND: I help you figure out the end point, where you want to get to, what you want your life to look like.
Essentially, I don’t want you to build on something if it’s not going to be profitable and work for your business and your life.

THIRD: I help you with the analysis of the financial and non- financial metrics we dive deep.
I ensure that you have the right business model, brand positioning, messaging, pricing and offer.

FOURTH: This is where we build an action plan…we turn those goals into actions, and get a step by step plan to get you from where you are now…to where you want to be.

FIFTH: I help you set up your financial systems and processes…and team…for financial success (whatever that looks like for you)…and more importantly, optimum financial health so you can get more money out

SIXTH: I help you evaluate each step of the way, are you hitting your targets? Are things moving the way they should be? Are you needing any tweaks or pivots?  Are you taking out more money?

1 on 1 help with me and my team… each and every week.
Direct access to me in order to help you.

Everything you next to massively level-up your profitability in 2018, so that, you can feel in control of your finances with no surprises, take home more money this year, without working harder, and stop running your business hand to mouth financially.

Are you ready?
I have 10 spots left in this round, so click the button below and fill in the form now and we’ll hop on a call to see if we are the right fit for each other.